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Why Choose Us


To provide quality services with integrity, reliability and efficiency, with the objective of contributing to our clients business growth


To be recognized as a multinational professional services firm



Service We Provide

We provide various services that are designed to help our clients address different, specific issues.


Adhering to international accounting standards, we are able to offer you accounting services of proven quality to ensure that your business stays ahead in the extremely competitive world.

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We use a systematic and independent examination of data, statement, records, operations and performances (financial or otherwise) of an enterprise for a stated purpose.

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With our extensive knowledge of both local and international tax laws, we can help you overcome any tax related problems your business may face..

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Assurance Service

we provide assurance services to both local and international organization, employing auditing techniques which are in strict compliance with international auditing standards.

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ICT/Web designing

With the fast and increase in technology, we at Triple Hands also provide IT services for the better performance and communication to the technology world. Some of the services provided include

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Corporate Recovery

We also emphasize on the interest of the shareholders and the company in order to ensure their welfare have been taken care and protected.

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Corporate Secretarial Service

The corporate secretarial functions include providing a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services to private and public companies

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Business Advisory/Consultancy Service.

The success of any business is, among other factors, mainly attributed to sound, expert management.

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Financial Consultanc/Company Registration

We pride ourselves on the one to one service clients receive by using the consultancy.

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