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We provide various services that are designed to help our clients address different, specific issues.

Our services cover all areas of Accounting and Auditing, Taxation, Financial Management etc. Specifically, services we offer include:



There are few requirements more fundamental to a business than the need to record business transactions and measure results Adhering to international accounting standards, we are able to offer you accounting services of proven quality to ensure that your business stays ahead in the extremely competitive world. Our accounting services include:
• Record-keeping of financial performance
• Development of book-keeping systems
• Preparation of financial and management accounts
• Development and installation of accounting systems
• Reorganization of accounting departments
• Provision of payroll services.

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Running a business today requires expert tax advice to help you understand the tax implication of any proposed decision. With our extensive knowledge of both local and international tax laws, we can help you overcome any tax related problems your business may face. Our taxation related services include:
• Corporate and personal tax compliance
• International tax planning
• Group tax planning
• Tax audits and investigations
• Taxation aspects of mergers, acquisitions and public listings
• Director and employee remuneration
• Tax-efficient benefits in kind
• Personal tax planning for senior management
• Indirect taxes
• Foundation & Trusts


We at Triple Hands Professional Services, as auditors, we provide proper planning and documentation of business, corporate and financial activities performed by qualified personnel to determine the investigation, examination, or evaluation of objective evidence, the adequacy and compliance with established procedures, or applicable documents, and the effectiveness of implementation. We use a systematic and independent examination of data, statement, records, operations and performances (financial or otherwise) of an enterprise for a stated purpose. By perceiving and recognizing the propositions before us, the examination, evidence collection, evaluates the same on this basis formulate our judgment which is then communicated through our audit report.


Whatever the size or nature of your business, an audit of your financial statements is essential for the smooth-running of your organization in accordance with the law. At Triple Hands Professional Services, we provide assurance services to both local and international organization, employing auditing techniques which are in strict compliance with international auditing standards. Each assurance is efficient, cost effective and tailored to the nature of your business. Our assurance related services include:
• Statutory audits
• Due diligence audits
• Monitoring audits
• Compliance audits & Systems audit
• Advice on internal control systems
• Special purpose audit


We also emphasize on the interest of the shareholders and the company in order to ensure their welfare have been taken care and protected.
Our corporate recovery & insolvency services include:
Liquidation Services
Our liquidation team is dedicated to assist business owners, management, debtors and lenders to guide them through the liquidation process with the assurance of compliance with the statutory requirements. Our approach is to complete the liquidation process in the most time efficient manner and maximize the financial returns to the stakeholders.

We can assist or act on your behalf under the following insolvency appointment:
• Pre-liquidation advisory
• Members Voluntary Winding-up
• Creditors Voluntary Winding-up
• Winding-up by Court
Receivership Services
We have a specialist team to provide receivership services to the Court, lenders and any stakeholders who wish to exercise their rights to protect the affected company’s asset. Our role is to act as Receiver and/or Manager to manage or dispose of the company’s assets and/or business in order to maintain the recovery to the appointers.


A company which is an association or collection of individuals whether natural or legal persons or a mixture of both all form a member of that association and they share a common purpose to unite to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific, declared goals. Under the Nigerian law governing every business, enterprise and organization in a financial transaction it is of high importance to register these companies. We at Triple Hands Professional Services, we make this process easy for your organization by registering your office in the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.


The corporate secretarial function is an important task in all large and small businesses which covers reporting, disclosure and compliance obligations. Companies incorporated in Nigeria are required to comply with these obligations. The continuous changing of corporate environment as well as legislation will cause many companies to face complicated rules and regulations. These companies will definitely require the services of a competent company secretary to handle their corporate secretarial matters thus enabling them to focus on achieving their business goals.
The corporate secretarial functions include providing a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services to private and public companies,

including public companies listed on the Nigeria Security and Exchange Commission and Foreign owned companies. Our principal services include:
• Incorporation of Companies
• Provision of Registered Office Address
• Provision of Named Company Secretaries in compliance with company and Allied Matter Act, 1990
• Proper maintenance of statutory records as required under the Companies Act, 1990
• Organizing and attending meetings of Directors and Shareholders
• Providing advice and assistance on implementation of corporate actions such as rights issues, bonus issues and capital reduction
• Providing comprehensive practical support and guidance to directors
• Ensuring compliance with requirements of regulatory authorities and Companies Act, 1990
• Provision of Nominee Director to comply with the Companies Act, 1990
• Act as agent of branch offices of Foreign Corporations
• Conduct company searches at the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria
• Registration of Representative office and Regional office with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment


Business Advisory/Consultancy Service. The success of any business is, among other factors, mainly attributed to sound, expert management. We at Triple Hands Professional Services (Chartered Accountants), can give your business the competitive edge by providing innovative and practical solutions to all your management problems. Our business advisory & consultancy services include:
• Advice on privatization
• Advice on takeovers
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Advice on public listing

• Share valuation
• Financial feasibility studies
• Survey of new ventures
• Executive recruitment
• Development and installation of internal control procedures and programmes
• Software customization


With professional financial advice on personal, public and private business, we treat our clients as individuals not numbers. We pride ourselves on the one to one service clients receive by using the consultancy. With the advent of Retail Distribution Review (RDR) we have altered our business proposition for client which is providing to be very successful. It involves finding out what the clients want to achieve personally and professionally and then showing how they can best organize themselves financially to get there, in client language “where am I now?”, “where do I want to be?”, and “how do I do it?”.
• Conduct assessments of financial processes and risks
• Analyze clients financial past and projected performance and perform company benchmarking

• Advice on needed changes in clients financial processes, organization and technology
• Design and perform internal control tests to ensure that the clients financial processes are compliant with the prevailing legislations
• Define and implement future management reporting for clients
• Provide mergers and acquisitions and estate support
• Advice on valuation issues


With the fast and increase in technology, we at Triple Hands also provide IT services for the better performance and communication to the technology world. Some of the services provided include • IT support for all business enterprise, hardware network and installation of software • Website development, which best fits our clients requirement • Network implementation • Designing • Online marketing